Nikon D800 / Nikon D800E

Yesterday i was in Nikon press the opportunity about Nikon D800/Nikon D800E. This camera affected very interesting. 36,3 mp is pretty much. Ok, now you can crop a lot if you want and that d800 give the option take your photos with DX-mode (15,6mp).  Autofocus is same, what is in D4.

The video features is good. Full hd: 30p/25p/24/p and only hd: 60p/50p/25p.  And now in the camera is place for headphones. That´s good, because now you know how the voice sounds.

There was two cameras on display but only pre-production model, so i could´t take test photos to my own memory card.

But it`s feel good on hand, i have big hand and still i can hold it very good. Viewfinder is good too, i have a glass and i can still see all viewfinder give.

This incredible camera pay in Finland 2790€ and you can buy it in March.  The price was positive surprise.

D800/ Photo is from



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